The Original Pendant Speaker

SoundTube speakers are unlike anything you’ve ever heard - or seen - before.

No other speaker company takes the same approach to developing technology and bringing innovation to the market like SoundTube® does. We are constantly striving to bring the best possible technologies with the highest quality to ensure you receive the most from our products.

From the attention-grabbing cylindrical structures that gave us our name, to the sleek, contemporary designs we create today, one thing has always set us apart: superior sound. With an unwavering focus on solution-based engineering and customer satisfaction, SoundTube Entertainment has been crafting cost-effective, high-quality, aesthetic speakers for the commercial sound industry since the mid 1990’s.

Offering full lines of loudspeakers for paging, background music, sound focusing, foreground music and a variety of other uses, SoundTube has efficient solutions for almost any commercial audio need. With fuller coverage over larger areas than conventional speakers, SoundTube’s sound is not only exceptional, it’s economical. Ours are the most cost-effective speakers of their kind on the market today.

Whatever an application requires—open-ceiling, in-wall, surface-mount, in-ceiling or outdoor audio—SoundTube has a high-performance speaker to fit the bill. SoundTube engineers create product lines and models with consistency in mind, so the CMi speakers in the drop-tile ceiling over a restaurant’s dining room produce the same tone and sound quality as the RSi speakers in the open ceiling over the foyer. And whether those speakers emit music or announcements, every note and word is always crystal clear.

SoundTube also matches incomparable sound with extraordinary design. Our speakers are intended to look as good as they sound. We create aesthetically pleasing speakers with clean lines and feature a variety of mounting methods as well as custom painting and color options to ensure our products fit in to any commercial dècor. SoundTube speakers can blend in with your architecture, complement your layout, or remain virtually invisible.

SoundTube BroadBeam Frequency Dispersion Technology

BroadBeam®: Ensuring the Best Sound Coverage

Anyone who has paid close attention to a conventional speaker may have noticed what is sometimes called the grocery store effect: The farther off-center you move from the speaker, the weaker its higher frequencies become. Not so with SoundTube speakers. Our patented BroadBeam® waveguide technology produces a predictable 110° coverage pattern that ensures you don’t have to be directly in front of or beneath a speaker to get great sound.

While the beam of sound created by a typical speaker is direct and narrow, BroadBeam disperses a much fuller sound to create a wider beam, providing crisp vocals and unrivaled clarity between musical notes to a larger area. This is what makes SoundTube speakers stand above the rest. With such outstanding, consistent full-range edge-to-edge coverage, you get much better sound for your money.

SoundTube Broadbeam Dispersion Diagram

BroadBeam® vs. BroadBeam®HP

For particularly noisy or large areas like airports, convention centers and gymnasiums, there’s BroadBeam®HP, a high-power version of BroadBeam with a 90° coverage angle. BroadBeamHP features higher output and longer throw, allowing announcements and music to be clearly heard over loud crowds or at longer distances.

Solution-Based Product Development

Throughout every step in the development process, SoundTube engineers keep the end-user in mind. Our careful consideration of feedback from resellers and customers facilitates constant innovation and improvement in mounting systems, industrial design and sound quality. Most SoundTube speakers have built-in or optional transformers. This means they’re compatible with just about any commercial application in the world. So whether you’re running on 25, 70.7 or 100 volts or low impedance, SoundTube speakers will fit seamlessly into your system.

With included and optional accessories that can adapt our speakers to a variety of applications, installation is a cinch, resulting in reduced labor costs. Each box includes almost all the necessary items to set up the speaker, so your installer won’t have to shop around or dig in his truck for miscellaneous parts and pieces. Nor will he have to perform a precarious balancing act on a ladder while fighting to install a bracket—our hanging and mounting systems are created specifically to make the job trouble-free.

We’re even there for you behind the scenes before your speakers are ordered. SoundTube engineers work with integrators and consultants throughout the specification process to make sure you get the correct quantity of the proper speakers for your application. Independently verified, consistent data is also readily available to our dealers in a variety of formats to help them create the best possible commercial sound system for your space.

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