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Soundsphere omnidirectional speakers and speaker systems feature hemispherical dispersion and full-range sound, creating solutions for a multitude of applications and environments. From offices to ice arenas, from conference rooms to convention centers, there is a broad coverage solution from Soundsphere, the leader in omnidirectional speaker technology since 1976.

What is the Soundsphere speaker?

Every Soundsphere omnidirectional speaker produces a hemisphere of full-frequency sound. Conventional speakers produce coverage patterns that vary with frequency. You may have noticed this phenomenon in places with common ceiling speakers; you hear the bass everywhere, but as you move away from the speaker, the mid- and high-frequency sounds disappear.

The presence of mid and high frequencies directly affects the quality of music, as well as speech intelligibility. Soundsphere speakers produce low, mid and high frequencies equally throughout their 180° x 360° area of coverage, maximizing speech intelligibility and music quality under — and to all sides of — the speaker.

Soundsphere speakers are Omnidirectional

Why Soundsphere speakers work so well

Soundsphere speakers produce a diffuse sound field that will not sound harsh or blaring anywhere over their broad coverage area. Listeners seldom perceive a source of sound, but rather a field of sound that appears to come from everywhere. Voice announcements and music are more pleasing and less intrusive than with conventional loudspeakers, and fewer speakers are needed to cover a given area. Fewer sources of sound mean simpler sound systems and fewer problems in acoustically difficult spaces.

Because of their broad coverage, Soundsphere speakers are generally placed overhead instead of in corners or along walls. The speakers are thus closer to more listeners, allowing them to hear more clear, direct sound in proportion to non-distinct reverberant sound. Another benefit derived from the broad dispersion is that Soundsphere speakers can be used in multiple-speaker systems without the engineering necessary to cluster conventional speakers.

Soundsphere speakers come in a wide range of sizes to satisfy a wide variety of applications. Please see our Products page for details and complete technical data sheets on each of our models, or contact us to find out which Soundsphere speaker is right for you.

Added benefits

Soundsphere speakers are light in weight and can be installed easily and quickly. Even large systems can be installed in a day or less. The speakers are available in several standard colors and can be made to coordinate with any existing color scheme. The quality of materials and rugged construction of the speakers make them resistant to potential damage in facilities like gymnasiums and factories.

Superior service. Quality guaranteed.

The Soundsphere Engineering Department collectively represents more than 50 years of experience in public area and commercial sound system development and application. Our technical team of specialized design, development, application and acoustical engineers brings a combination of both innovative and proven design concepts and practices to the Soundsphere speaker product line. Soundsphere engineers can offer fast, efficient and cost-effective answers to your public area or commercial sound system requirements.

Soundsphere speakers are made in the U.S.A. from the finest components. They are warranted for five years, though speakers made in the first days of the company’s existence are still in operation worldwide. Soundsphere speakers can be hung or mounted in minutes, making them easy to demonstrate on-site. Contact us today to find out how Soundsphere can enhance the sound experience in your facility!

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