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As the parent company of six major manufacturing brands, MSE Audio® utilizes the latest audio technology to produce quality speakers with exceptional sound. Our products are created through truly synergistic, cross-platform engineering to deliver lasting durability, industry-leading quality, and refined aesthetics.


The story of MSE Audio began in 1995 when a group of businessmen, designers, engineers and tinkerers, but above all, audiophiles, developed a speaker that would be the first offering in a new brand called Induction Dynamics. Not content with just good sound, these audiophiles focused on perfection, designing, building and finishing cabinets, and selecting components all by hand, and developing their own unique crossover design. After a few years of marketing this new line, an opportunity arose to acquire another brand which also had a reputation for superb quality and innovation… and MSE Audio was born.

Today, MSE Audio comprises six brands: Induction Dynamics®, Phase Technology®, Rockustics®, SolidDrive®, Soundsphere®, and SoundTube Entertainment®. The SolidDrive brand was developed in-house while the remaining brands were brought in via acquisition. (A seventh brand, Secret Sound®, was merged into SoundTube after it was acquired.)

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MSE Audio Timeline 1955-2020

Our Products

The MSE Audio brands provide a broad range of speaker choices for a wide variety of applications in both the commercial and residential markets. Our products range from 3” architectural speakers to the ultimate “man cave” tower speaker with dual 15” subwoofers. Models include in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall, pendant, focused audio, broad coverage, paging/security, outdoor, line array, surround, wireless, IP-addressable, subwoofer, freestanding/tower, bookshelf, soundbar, digitally-controlled home theater system and invisible speaker options. Key to all lines are sonic quality and ease of installation. “Average” and “generic” are not words one would use to describe an MSE Audio product. The company’s technologies maximize the listening experience while making installation fast and simple.

As a whole, MSE Audio owns over two dozen patents for speaker design and mounting technologies, including the industry-standard soft dome tweeter, courtesy of Phase Technology.

The Team

When a company is brought into the MSE Audio family, it is not treated as a wholly owned subsidiary or a vertical profit center. Rather, it becomes part of a team, exercising a level of synergy not normally seen in multi-brand companies. For example, when Connecticut-based Soundsphere was added to MSE Audio, its speaker designers soon found themselves contributing to a re-design of two Rockustics rock speakers. Likewise, the Florida-based engineers at Phase Technology were heavily involved in the design of SoundTube’s IP-addressable and wireless speaker systems, while Utah-based SoundTube’s industrial design expertise has played a role in the look of recent PhaseTech and SolidDrive designs.

Likewise, the MSE sales and customer service teams work together to promote multiple brands to both residential and commercial markets. This structure gives dealers in both markets access to a wide range of speaker options with a cohesive support plan that does not change from brand to brand.

Design and Manufacturing

With multiple design and manufacturing centers across the residential and commercial spheres, MSE Audio’s Jacksonville, FL location (home of Phase Technology) occupies a special niche in today’s audio industry. As one of the few fully vertically-integrated speaker manufacturers in America producing drivers, crossovers, cabinets and systems. Unlike most brands, which rely on offshore manufacturers to design their speakers, every speaker and speaker system in the MSE Audio catalog is designed, prototyped, and performance proven in Jacksonville before being produced in one of its factories.

What’s next?

MSE Audio is continuing to develop industry-changing technologies through its various brands, further expanding speaker options available to system integrators and end users. The bottom line though, is that sonic quality will rule supreme.

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