Venture into the newest Rockustics product series: wireless rock speakers. Unlike most other wireless outdoor speakers on the market, Rockustics provides completely uncompressed audio so you can enjoy high-fidelity sound previously only found in wired speakers.

Paired with a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum transmitter from our sister company SoundTube Entertainment, the TeleStone has a built-in receiver and will power up to two Rock Series rock speakers. One transmitter will work with multiple TeleStone receivers. No complex audio wiring is required; all you need is a power outlet near the TeleStone.

The TeleStone wireless transmitter/receiver system is composed of two units, one TeleStone transmitter and one TeleStone receiver/amplifier unit housed in a realistic looking rock. The sealed enclosure is designed to withstand rain, frost, snow and ice. The receiver rock comes with two strands of direct-burial cable for connection to the speakers and a grounded plug for connection to an AC power source. The direct-burial rated cables are 2.5 feet long.

Each channel contains 3 bands, alternating between them to preemptively counteract interference, keeping the signal clear and latency less than 20 ms. The transmitter comes with a high/low power selector switch that limits radio frequency range where needed.