Subwoofer Series

Designed specifically to reproduce the low frequencies found in much of today’s popular music, Rockustics subwoofers are uniquely equipped to complete your total outdoor sound experience. Sound systems are not complete without the strong bass of a powerful subwoofer. Rockustics’ subwoofers will produce ground-shaking bass in any outdoor environment: from small backyards to large open parks. Rockustics subwoofers are specifically engineered for maximum bass output while handling large amounts of input power. Polypropylene drivers eliminate distortion, while sculpted grille openings allow for a transparent acoustic path and maximum sound dispersion.

The SubSub is a premium band-pass in-ground subwoofer made of proprietary resin composite to prevent
breakdown. The SubSub is buried underground with only a small rock vent cover protruding from the ground.


This 200 watt subwoofer is designed to accept full-range left and right inputs and drive two satellite speakers in addition to the subwoofer. Two 8” subwoofers are incorporated in a durable, weathered rock enclosure, one for each side of a stereo source. A passive crossover system is included....

SubSub™ 15

SubSub 15"
Bring resounding bass to outdoor installations with an inconspicuous appearance. A 15” subwoofer is enclosed in a cylindrical structure made of a proprietary resin composite. Once installed, the only visible part is the vent cover, which has a natural weathered sedimentary rock appearance. The vent cover is available in three colors....

Coming Soon! Cherry Bomb

Coming Soon! Cherry Bomb
The Cherry Bomb is a full-range solution for modern landscape audio. The Cherry Bomb’s patented three-way design includes a 5” dual-chamber, band-pass subwoofer, a 4” woofer, and a .75” tweeter all in one small unit. The combination of small form factor and full-range audio performance equals faster installation times: dig only one hole for every two you would normally have to dig with a standard landscape audio package! You’re running less wire and making less splices now too, not to mention there is no separate subwoofer amp needed with Cherry Bombs. The patented design doesn’t just save you installation time,...