Rock Speakers

Fully weatherproof and fade-resistant, the Rock series speakers are made with state-of-the-art polymer composite material compound. Marble dust and texturizing agents give them exceptional durability and and ultra realistic look and feel.

Planter Speakers

Our Garden Series, as with all of the Rockustics products, are not only built “tough” to withstand even the harshest elements, but they also offer a unique solution for great sound on a deck or patio.

Landscape Speakers

Subwoofer Series

Designed specifically to reproduce the low frequencies found in much of today’s popular music, Rockustics subwoofers are uniquely equipped to complete your total outdoor sound experience.

Rockustics Amplifiers

Solaris® Outdoor

Surface-Mount & Omnidirectional Weatherproof Speakers - Solaris speakers are built of weather-resistant aluminum, brass, and stainless steel materials, allowing them to stand up to years of wear and tear in any environment.



Discontinued Subwoofers

Discontinued Rock Speakers

Discontinued Planters

Rockustics Discontinued

High-Powered (HP) Series

Rockustics® presents the new PowerRock™ for extended coverage for your outdoor audio needs. This high-power, two-way speaker uses a compression driver for improved high-frequency dispersion over long distances, a powerful 8" woofer, and power handling of 200 watts. Its attractive design will blend in wil landscaping while bringing superb audio quality to large gardens, patios, pool areas and other outdoor living spaces.

Omni Series

Each Omni Series speaker provides listeners with 360° of dispersion, allowing unprecedented freedom of speaker placement, and the unique design blends into your landscape seamlessly.


The Rockustics TeleStone is a premium uncompressed 2-chanel audio wireless system. The TeleStone wireless transmitter/receiver system is composed of two units, one TeleStone transmitter and one TeleStone receiver/amplifer unit housed in a realistic looking rock.

Sweetspot Series

This unique system allows for smooth, rich sound in an environment unable to support multiple speakers. Each sweetspot speaker system features a twin voice coil woofer with dual tweeters for maximum left-right separation from a single enclosure twin source package.