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New Rockustics Rock Speakers Bring Commercial Audio Outdoors

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New Rockustics Rock Speakers Bring Commercial Audio Outdoors

Long considered exclusive to residential installations, Rockustics speakers are increasingly seen in commercial applications. The reason? They seamlessly integrate into the existing landscaping and they perform to commercial standards. Rockustics speakers can blend in easily with surroundings or become part of the motif. They are a perfect addition to theme parks, shopping plazas, hotel courtyards, outdoor cafes and many other commercial applications

SoundTube’s sister company Rockustics has been making rock speakers for nearly three decades in their Colorado, USA facilities. Prior to their acquisition by MSE Audio, the transformer for these speakers had to be hand wired for the desired tap setting. But now to aid in commercial applications many of our new models include a selectable tap switch which makes for easier commercial installation.

As we enter the spring season, integrators are gearing up for outdoor audio installations and Rockustics is ready. We have three new models that are perfect for the commercial market: the XT-Surround Stone 5, XT-Surround Stone 8 and XT-PowerRock .

The XT-Surround Stone products are an update of a prior model. These new omni-directional (360° horizontal) speakers have more uniform sound, tighter bass and improved water resistance over the prior versions. Two sizes are available: 5.25” coaxial and 8” coaxial. A 64 watt transformer is included.

Designed for high power handling and long throw, the new XT-PowerRock is a two-way speaker featuring a compression driver for wide, high-SPL high-frequency dispersion. It incorporates a 1.3” diameter diaphragm with a 1” throat on an 80 degree conical horn, along with an 8” woofer. With 250 watts of power handling, it’s a great choice for themed entertainment and other outdoor venues needing some audio “punch”.

These models are just a small sampling of the Rockustics brand. We have a full range of rock speakers, on-ground and in-ground subwoofers, planter speakers and even a hanging speaker that looks like a coconut. Wireless and custom options are also available. Visit www.rockustics.com for more information, and call your MSE Audio Commercial Representative for answers to your questions and to order Rockustics products.