Patented 360° full-frequency dispersion in a sealed, above-ground enclosure for protection from rain, sun, snow and weed-whackers. Professional-grade components ensure durability.


The SoundTube XT850 is a premium 2-way outdoor loudspeaker solution for installations requiring high-performance sound in a durable speaker design. The XT850 is designed for full-range back-ground/foreground music and paging. The sealed, in-ground enclosure design delivers true low end response (38 Hz, – 10 dB) and optimal off axis performance. The XT850 includes theft-resistant mounting hardware and a weather-proof 5-position tap switch for 25/70.7/100 Volt applications with transformer bypass position....

XT-SurroundStone 5

5.25″ Coaxial 360° Rock Speaker Offering omni-directional sound from a 2-way speaker with multiple transformer options. Inconspicuous and ideal for placement in flower and plant beds. Color Options: brown, gray or sandstone...


Rockustics® presents the new PowerRock™ for extended coverage for your outdoor audio needs. This high-power, two-way speaker uses a compression driver for improved high-frequency dispersion over long distances, a powerful 8″ woofer, and power handling of 250 watts. Its attractive design will blend in with landscaping while bringing superb audio quality to large gardens, patios, pool areas and other outdoor living spaces....

XT-SurroundStone 8

8″ Coaxial 360° Rock Speaker offering omni-directional sound from a 2-way speaker with multiple transformer options. Although larger than the SurroundStone™ 5, still inconspicuous and is great for amusement parks or other public areas. Color Options: brown, gray or sandstone...


The SoundTube XT-Spyke is not a typical line array column loudspeaker. It is an advanced LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) 2-way design that provides a very short near-field extent and robust far-field performance. Frequency tapering of low and high frequency pass bands allows the XTSpyke to maintain a more consistent ratio of array height to radiated wavelength, ensuring a stable vertical beamwidth that out-performs many other single box line arrays. Featuring eight 3.0-inch woofers and eight 1-inch high frequency drivers for extremely smooth high frequency response, the XT-Spyke achieves superb coverage in an enclosure measuring only 37.37” x 6.80” x 5.50”....