The World’s TOP Outdoor Speakers

The World's TOP Outdoor Speakers: 6 Reasons to Go Rockustics

Since 1987, Rockustics has been a forerunner in the industry and today manufactures the world's top outdoor speakers. Here are a few reasons why:

Top Outdoor Speakers - Outdoor Subwoofer Rockustics

1) Build Quality & Theft Resistance

These speakers are hefty. Rockustics speakers are constructed of a proprietary resin mixed with marble dust, and it's thick. They won’t break, even if stepped on by passersby, and they’re heavy enough that a casual thief will think twice about trying to walk away with one. Rockustics speakers can also be outfitted with the optional RB-1 security bracket to even further deter theft.

RB-1 Security Bracket

2) Won't Fade

Unlike most outdoor speakers, Rockustics speakers have the color impregnated in the resin shell. This means that even if a rock’s surface becomes chipped, you won’t see a gray or white scar. The impregnated resin also means they weather naturally, much like a real rock (also known as " patina"), instead of just fading.
Top Outdoor Speakers - Econorock Cutout Cross Section Rockustics

Cross Section of an EconoRock

3) Fully Weatherproof

Rockustics speakers are fully weatherproof. Many manufacturers recommend that their outdoor speakers be moved out of the elements in the winter or in harsh weather, but not Rockustics. Rockustics can be left out year-round and can withstand virtually any kind of weather or climate. One user even claims that his Rockustics speakers worked even after being buried in a ten-foot mudslide! They’re also designed not to rust and deteriorate in high-humidity or salty coastal environments.

4) 10-Year Warranty

We're so confident that we make the world's top outdoor speakers, that we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all speakers. Most manufacturers only warranty theirs for 1-3.

5) Huge Selection of Standard & Custom Styles

Rockustics speakers are easy to install and integrate for both residential and commercial applications, with or without built-in transformers. Rockustics products come in a large variety of standard styles and colors to meet most installation requirements. Don't see exactly what you need? We'll fabricate pieces to your exact specifications to fit any custom installation.
Top Outdoor Speakers - Built In Rock Speaker Rockustics

Can you spot this custom-fabricated Rockustics speaker?

6) Made in the USA

Rockustics speakers are made in the USA in Denver, Colorado - need we say more? Interested the world's top outdoor speakers or any other outdoor sound solutions? Rockustics is part of MSE Audio, one of the industry’s premier providers of speakers for residential and commercial installations. Contact us directly at toll free 855.663.5600 or Alternatively, speak to one of our many domestic or international authorized dealers. Want to stay in the loop with new products and product updates? Be sure to join our COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL mailing list. We dislike spam as much as you do, so we send out updates no more than twice a month.
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