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Outdoor Rock speaker XT-PowerRock Press Release

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Outdoor Rock speaker XT-PowerRock Press Release

Rockustics XT-PowerRock Available Resi
March 18, 2015

Denver, Colorado and Overland Park, Kansas – Rockustics® has announced the availability of the XT-PowerRock™, a high-power, two-way rock speaker.

Featuring a compression driver for improved high-frequency dispersion, 93 dB sensitivity and high power handling, the XT-PowerRock provides broad, high-SPL audio coverage for large gardens, pools, patios, outdoor cinema and small commercial projects.

The XT-PowerRock’s high frequency driver incorporates a 1.3” diameter diaphragm with a 1” throat on an 80 degree conical horn; the speaker also includes an 8” woofer. Power handling is 250 watts; a 120 watt transformer with 8 ohm bypass is included for use in both standard and low-voltage distributed audio systems. As with all Rockustics speakers, the XT-PowerRock is fully weatherproof and carries a 10 year warranty. It is available in three standard colors (custom colors also available) and is manufactured in the Rockustics factory in Denver, CO, USA.

“The XT-PowerRock is the first weatherized outdoor rock speaker that can fill large open spaces with music or voice,” said Ken Hecht, MSE Audio VP of R&D. “It is designed to play very loud, with excellent sound quality and coverage for larger areas than conventional outdoor speakers. Its attractive design will blend in with landscaping while bringing superb audio quality to outdoor living spaces. Add our SubSub series in-ground subwoofers, and you’ll have a great outdoor hidden system that really ‘rocks’. ”

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